The Indigo Lobby Bar in Intercontinental Hotel, Downtown Miami

By: Chen Chen

Intercontinental Hotel is located in the Chopin Plaza which is in the center of downtown Miami. The hotel has a stunning sea front view and polished exterior. The Indigo bar is in the west side of lobby, giving a relaxing oasis for passing guests. The simple and stylish design compliments the modern appeal of the hotel lobby while creating an inviting atmosphere.

Indigo lobby bar exeterior

Indigo lobby bar exeterior

 The inviting experience starts at each table when the guess sits down to candle lit drinks and fresh orchids. More than eighty kinds of base liquors and wine are placed on the shelf in the middle of bar. There are so many kinds of liquors to attract the impulsiveness to order a wonderful drink during the sunny afternoon.

Indigo head bartender

The head bartender of Indigo bar is Joey Scorza. This bubbly, somewhat exuberant Italian has an instinctual nose for flavors and is known for creating impromptu, on-the-spot creations for customers who are undecided about what to have. She told me that she “loves the reaction on the face of the guest after they try it. That’s what it’s all about – giving your guests an enjoyable experience.” She won rewards on both of her drinks “Miami Mystique” and “Mark Avenue” in the Washington Cocktail competition. Now she has brought both of her award-winning drinks to Intercontinental Hotel in Miami.


“Miami Mystique” is creative like the name; the first sip will bring you to a mystique world that is full of fruity aroma’s orchard garden. This mix of flavor is followed by a light taste of rum. That’s the true experience of Miami! Nothing can compare with the moment when you first cocktail.

“Mark Avenue” was created by the genius head bartender of Intercontinental. It is tropical. It is sophisticated and complicated. How can I say? I just love it. It is the drink of summer; it is the drink of Miami. Red color produce the light and summer tone of this cocktail. The white thin form on the top of the cocktail makes it more sophisticated. The aroma of the pomegranate is mixed perfectly with the alcohol and mint. The taste is not too spicy or fruity. Once you taste it, you will get addicted to it. This is the power of this little red drink! This is the drink that you should not miss when you visit Miami.

 The desert called Brownie Vanilla Ice-cream won’t disappoint either. The experience is like iceberg melted by the extremely burning volcano. The flavor is beautifully mixed together; the classic desert will always give you an unforgettable experience.

I enjoyed myself in the Indigo bar


Indigo Bar in the Intercontinental Hotel is an absolutely recommendable place to relax and unwind. It is a Miami hotspot for drinks and networking. Creative cocktails and an innovative wine list are sure to become the highlight of your afternoon or night,


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